52 Rolls Project

I saw the call for participants in 52 Rolls 2016 Project on the Emulsive Twitter feed, where I was taking part in the Secret Santa and I decided to give it a go.

I will be shooting HP5 on a Holga for this project, I am also going to use this as a 365, with mini projects inside of it. I want to learn how to use a Holga properly, I also want to see what I can do with HP5. I will upload all shoots (bad or awful) apart from the serious dud’s, e.g., didn’t come out, utter mush, etc on 52rolls.net, however, I will only upload a couple to this page. I will develop the photos, at home, on Sundays, where possible, and scan and upload them on Mondays.

I am looking froward to this project and challenge. Many thanks to 52rolls.net for the opportunity to take part. Hopefully, I will ending 2016 with a lot more knowledge about Holga’s, HP5, and what makes a good b&w image, than when I started the year.

Emily (eek!)

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