52 Rolls/366 – Week 1


These are the only usable photos from my first roll of film for this project. As you can see, I had a bit of a disaster. The photos themselves are nothing inspiring, however, I am just trying to get the hang of the basics of the Holga, i.e. framing. I also need to be more consistent in my darkroom workflow. By the end of the project, I hope that my understanding of HP5, how to shoot a Holga and the correct way to process and scan the images will improve. Many thanks for looking at my posts. I did no post processing on these, apart from scanning, they are straight out of the camera.

5 Replies to “52 Rolls/366 – Week 1”

  1. I would like to do this 52 rolls projects there anywhere you have to go to sign up or you just do it?

    1. Hello, You can go to 52rolls.net and you will see all their social media accounts. You need to sign up, so that you can post on their Flickr page. It is great fun and gets you thinking. Have fun! I look forward to watching your work in the following year.

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