National Bird of Prey Centre

Today, I had a very enjoyable and interesting visit to the National Bird of Prey Centre in the grounds of Russborough House and Gardens in Wicklow. The Centre is newly opened and will increase it’s number of birds over the summer. They have flight displays, as well as walking tours with the birds and the experts in the Centre bring you on a tour of the birds in their enclosures and tell you about their natural habitat and habits. We spent a lovely couple of hours handling some of the birds, and learning all about the different species the Centre presently has.

I learnt that the reason we call activities in our spare time hobbies, is because, many years ago, people used to for fun, fly a small bird called a Hobby, this led to all fun activities in peoples free time, to be called hobbies.

I also learnt that the reasons owls have a reputation for being wise (even though they are not the smartest creature) is because they used to be kept in libraries in Roman times.


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