My Top 5 YouTube Photography Channels

My top five YouTube Channels are:

  1. The Art of Photography by Ted Forbes. I love this channel. Ted releases videos on a very regular basis and they cover everything from Photo History, Photojournalism, Techniques, Reviews, and he is in the process of creating the Artist Series. This is a series of films that he is making himself about legendary living photographers. This was a successfully crowd funded project that he ran last year. He covers everything photography related on his channel and he has built up a wonderful community of viewers.
  2. B&H. We all know about the shop in New York, but, did you know that they had a YouTube Channel? The Channel covers a host of photographic related topics, but, my favourite playlist is the Event Space. This is where they have famous photographers come into their Event Space and give lectures on a particular subject. They can last up to two hours or more, but, they are such a fantastic resource to have.
  3. Phlearn. This is a Channel run by Aaron Nace, he is a Photoshop Professional. Aaron releases a number of videos every week. He is very interactive with his audience and the videos are very professionally made and are easy to watch. If you want to learn about Photoshop, this is the Channel for you.
  4. Adorama TV, this like the B&H Channel, is a YouTube Channel that is run by a camera shop, and like the B&H Channel, this Channel covers a large number and variety of topics. My personal favourites are the Tutorials and the videos with the Guest Professional Photographers, including Joe McNally and Tamara Lackey.
  5. Anthony Morganti. Anthony is a Lightroom Expert and he has a wealth of videos covering all elements of Lightroom. If you need to sharpen up your Lightroom skills, this is a great Channel. Anthony’s is not the only Channel that is based around Lightroom, but, I really do like this Channel.

If you have any suggestions for other Channels, please feel free to add them in the comments. Thank you.


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