Darkroom.ie – Cyanotype Workshop

I attended a Cyanotype Introductory Workshop led by Louis Haugh, at the Darkroom.ie. This was my third workshop with the Darkroom.ie and I have enjoyed them all immensely. Both the Instructors, Mella and Louis, are passionate about what they do and are incredibly knowledgable about their subjects. There is a previous post about the Photogram Course that I took with them.

I had never tried Cyanotype before, I found it to be a fun process and very interesting to do. I love alternate processes and I was pleased with how the images translated to Cyanotype. I will definitely be trying this process again. I am looking forward to trying one of their longer courses.

It is difficult not to leave feeling enthusiastic about photography when you leave a course with Mella and Louis. If you want to learn more about Darkroom techniques, I highly recommend taking a Darkroom course with Mella and Louis.

Thank you Louis and Mella!

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