Kill Abbey

This is another one of the places that I visited as part of the Summer of Heritage.

The original site goes back to the 6th century and was dedicated to St. Fintan, the present building dates back to the tenth or eleventh century and replaced the previous old monastic building. This church is one of the oldest in South Dublin. St. Fintan was a follower of St Patrick.

This site was owned by Christ Church, which held great estates on both sides of Dublin city: the Manors of Glasnevin and Gorman in the North, Clonkeen in the South, a great Manor covering the Parishes of Stillorgan, Kill, Killiney and Tully.

In the green area just in front of the Church gate, barely noticeable, easily missed and half buried in the ground, lies a large Bullaun Stone apparently dating back to the Bronze age. Our Guide Liz, mentioned that this particular Bullaun Stone is the largest that she has seen. These type of stones usually have cup shaped indents in them designed to collect rainwater and are believed to have healing powers to those who partake of the water collected. Another belief about them,  is if a woman rubs some of the water that has collected in the Bullaun Stone on her face, that she will forever be beautiful.

There was a Roman Well outside the gates to this church, which has now been completely filled and there is no sign of it any more.

People of note that have been buried in the graveyard include the family that lived in Cabinteely House and a Solider from 1915, whose parents went to France to collect his body and brought him home for burial.



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