My Top 5 Photography Editing Apps

My top five favourite photography Apps are:

  1. Instagram. I have always loved the flow of images that you find on Instagram and now that they have entered the SnapChat arena, I think things may get even more interesting with Instagram. I really enjoy some of the filters that are available in Instagram. Speaking of Filters, we get to my Number 2 App.
  2. Hipstamatic. This App has more than just all Filters, it has Paks, that include a mix of lenses, bodies, Flashes and filters, with new ones being released on a regular basis, as an in App purchase. This means you can get incredibly  creative with your images and save the lens/flash/filter combinations that you like the most. The main downfall with this is that it is not on Android.
  3. Snapseed. I believe that at the moment this is the best photo, most versatile photo editing App available. You can use many of the same edits that you would with the software on your computer. These include, cropping, filters, brightness and healing tools.
  4. Lee Stopper. This App is fantastic if you use filters for long exposure in digital photography, it does the maths for you! Yay! You pick the Filter you are using and the shutter speed you think you are going to use, and it then tells you how long you need to use. It is a simple but crucial app, if you are a Landscape Photographer.
  5. VSCO. We are back to filters again! I like the ease of use of this App and I like that I can combine the effects of all of these Apps together to get the result I want as I continue with my day.

Special MentionDropbox. I use this service more than I probably realise, it is fantastic for backing up your work on another platform. You can get a free account and most Apps are now integrated to Dropbox. It is also helpful if you want to get a lot of data to someone.

If you have any suggestions for your favourite Apps, please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

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