Rock’n’Roll Series Road Running

I took part in the Rock’n’Roll Series 5K Race in the Phoenix Park. I had also enrolled for the 10k and 3k Fun Run, but, I was unable to attend the second two races. This is a series that I have been meaning to get involved with for the last number of years.

The Strypes played as we ran around the park and the atmosphere was fantastic. I shall enter again next year and run the other races that I missed this year.

This is an international series of road races, they run 5k, 10k , a fun run that is 3k and the longest race which is a half marathon. They have bands playing and they encourage participation in races outside of your local area. The nearest race to me, outside of my area is Liverpool.

It is a fun event and if you like running and music, you may like to sign up for next year’s event.


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