15 Minute Challenge – Coliemore Harbour

I got this challenge idea from Gavin Hoey on Adorama TV on YouTube.

The rules are simple:

  1. Stay in one area.
  2. Use one camera.
  3. Use one lens.
  4. You have 15 minutes to get as many creative pictures as you can.

I have added a 5th rule, I can only post a maximum of five photos from my results of the challenge.

This week I focused on Coliemore Harbour for my challenge, which is one of my favourite little harbours.


One Reply to “15 Minute Challenge – Coliemore Harbour”

  1. Hi! You started following my blog about a month ago and I’m only checking yours now. Better late than never, right? 🙂 Photo challenges are great to improve with photography, I’ve had a look around your blog and saw that you’ve been doing this for a while – that’s awesome! I really liked how here you focused both on shooting details as well as the landscape. It feels that you’re telling a story that way, it’s really nice!

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