Avondale House

Charles Stewart Parnell was a hero for my Grandmother, not only due to his politics and work, but, also, because she had a bit of a crush on him.

My Grandmother read every book on Parnell she could find and watched every Parnell programme that was on TV. When her own children were small she brought them to Avondale House, a habit she continued with me. I have been there many times in my life, with her and with other people.

Today, on the 7th Anniversary of her death, my Aunt and I returned once more to Avondale House, in memory of my Grandmother (my Aunt’s mother).

As is procedure, we watched the DVD on Parnell’s story before we wandered around the house, Parnell’s story almost feels like that of a friend, familiar yet still surprising. Even on a wet day the grounds of the Estate are a pleasure to walk around.

You are not allowed to take photos inside of the house, so these are a few that I took in the grounds.



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