My Top 5 Photography Websites

My top five photography websites are: Seriously, YouTube is one of the best resources for Photography, or anything that you can have. Youtube is one of my first stops if I am trying to learn something new in Photography.

2. Creative A brilliant site for creatives. They frequently host photography workshops on every genre of photography and techniques you could wish for. They accommodate all skill levels. You have an opportunity to buy the classes too, and then you have permanent access to them on the Creative Live site, as well as being able to download the classes.

3. Yes, it is dated, yes, it could do with some work, but, I still like Flickr for sharing  and displaying my images. This is another photo sharing website, but, it has a different way of working out what the popular photos are. I like the appearance of this site. Like Flickr, you can get a free account or a paid account.

5. This has many interesting articles as well as tutorials and a list of helpful resources. It is one of my go to sites, if I am trying to learn a new technique.

If you have any suggestions for websites, I would love to see them. Thank you.

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