Kilkenny Castle

A trip to Kilkenny Castle is always a fascinating thing to do, when we arrived there was a due for tickets, but, it moved quickly and we were soon enjoying the Castle. The staff were so helpful and informative.

The Castle that we see today is an evolution of the original Castle, with various elements been added over the 800 years that the castle has been in existence. The Earls of Pembroke owned the Castle from its inception until 1971, when the 6th Marquess of Ormonde presented the Castle to Kilkenny for £50.

The vast majority of the contents were sold by auction in 1935 and the building has been in the care of the OPW since 1969.

The reconstruction work that has been done on this Castle is amazing and as you walk along the Blue corridor you can see photos that illustrate the amazing reconstruction that has been done to the Castle.

The clear views over Kilkenny and surrounding areas demonstrate why the Castle was built at this point in the landscape.

Kilkenny is a lovely characterful small city, which is always a pleasure to walk around.


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