I went to Malaga in Spain in September. I took a hop on hop off bus tour around the city and these photos were taken in and around the Castillo de Gibralfaro and the Alcazaba Castle. The cut out of Picasso was near Casa de Picasso.

Picasso spent his formative years in Malaga and Malaga is very proud of this fact. Paris and Barcelona are the other two main Cities in Picasso’s life.

Malaga has a fascinating history spanning  about 2,800 years, making Malaga one of the Oldest city in the World. The Phoenicians founded the colony of Malaca here about 770 BC, from 218 BC the city was ruled by the Roman Republic and then at the end of the 1st century during the reign of Domitian was federated with the Roman Empire as Malaca (Latin). Thereafter it was governed under its own municipal code of law, which granted free-born persons the privileges of Roman Citizenship. There is also cultural influence from Germany and Byzantine Empire, Muslim Arabs, Catholic Monarchs, to name some of the phases of History.


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