My Top 5 Favourite Black & White Photographers

This is a tough list to formulate, however, at the moment, my top five favourite photographers are:

  1. Alexey Titarenko. I love his long exposure work, particularly the images of crowds of people. The mood of these images is slightly haunting to me.
  2. Michael Kenna. Kenna’s use of black and white minimalism is, in  my mind, breathtaking. He is an absolute master.
  3. Hengki Lee. The dreamy feel to Hengki’s photos are what catches my attention.
  4. Nick Brandt. I adore Nick’s haunting black and white shots of African Wildlife.
  5. Jane Brown. I like Jane’s portraiture work, I was first introduced to her work through the wonderful image she took of Samuel Beckett. I love the connection she has with her subjects.

If  you have any suggestions as to your favourite photographers, please leave them in the comments. Thank you.

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