501st Legion Visit The Disney Store

During the October Mid-Term break the 501st Legion were in the Disney Store on Grafton Street in Dublin. I went along one day to be crew and to take some photos of the Storm Trooper greeting visitors to the shop.

The staff in the Disney Store were so kind and incredibly helpful to us, it was a complete pleasure to spend time with people who were so happy and enjoyed their jobs. Thank you in particular to Jessica, who was the main person we were dealing with.

The reaction from people on the Street and in the Shop was fantastic. I was amazed at how brave some of the small kids were, when they saw the Stormtrooper. The joy that some Dads got from being able to take on a Stormtrooper with a Lightsaber was brilliant to watch.

All in all it was a fun day, and, if you happen to see the 501st at an Event, please feel free to talk to them or have a photo taken with them, as they are amazingly friendly.

Many thanks to the Stormtrooper on the day for being so nice to me. #Badguysdoinggood

501st Legion March 2017

501st Legion

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