Macro Photo Stacking

I am a Member of Offshoot Photographic Society in Dublin, twice a year we hold events called ‘Shoot with Me’. This involves getting ten or eleven groups together of five or six Members, one of the Members picks a topic, and that group goes away and shoots that topic. Then all the groups come together one night and hold a Showcase, where the groups explain to the Club Membership what the concept was behind their group project. The SWM is always well supported and the Showcase constantly has a large audience.

The Group I was part of this time, which was lead my Stacey, was one that focused on Macro Photo Stacking. This is not something I had tried before, and I really enjoyed the project.

I have attached below two of the images that resulted from this project, they are far from perfect, but, it’s a start.

Many thanks.



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