IFI – Lovers & the Despot Q&A

The Final documentary on the last day of the Documentary Festival in the IFI was a screening of The Lovers and the Despot. I loved this film, it was my favourite of the three that I saw over the weekend. This is a new release in the cinemas and next year, it will be on Netflix, so it is definitely worth watching. Thanks to this film, I will now do some research on the two main parties involved in this film, as separate to the events depicted in this film, their stories seem to be fascinating.

It is about a South Korean married couple, who were a Director and and Actress, they get kidnapped by the North Korean Leader Kim Jung Il, His father Kim Il Sung does not seem in interfere and the story goes from there.

I loved the way this film was shot and put together, it was a documentary that included a biopic of at least three people, as well as history lesson and and introduction into the Korean film industry.

The lady who’s interview is the backbone of the film, is incredibly sick at the moment and is therefore unable to watch the film, but, her family have and they are happy with it.

The Q&A with the two co-producers the screening which followed the screening was lively and informative.



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