My Top 5 Colour Photographers

My top five colour photographers are:

  1. Saul Leiter. I love his colour street work from New York. Some of the elements of Saul Leiter’s work that appeal to me include, his use of abstraction and his use of the colour red. He has documented one particular area of New York beautifully.
  2. Aberlado Morrell. In particular his pinhole camera obscure images projected onto walls of rooms or tents. His other is fascinating too.
  3. Heinz Maier. Heinz has an absolutly stunning portfolio of water splash photos. The colour and delicate structures formed in the splashes are gorgeous to look at.
  4. Mark Adamus. Mark creates wonderful landscape images. I love his compositions and use of colour. His use of leading lines and reflections is lovely.
  5. Emily Soto. Emily’s post processing treatment of her portrait subjects is incredibly pretty. I love her portraiture work.

These photographers are all distinctly different from each other, but, are all fantastic.

If you have any suggestions of photographers, please add them in the comment section. Thank you.

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