Emulsive Secret Santa 2016

The second annual Emulsive Secret Santa was held this year. I had a lot of fun last year taking part, so, when I saw Emulsive were holding the Secret Santa Event again, I had to take part. Last year 115 people from 23 countries took part, which I think we can agree was fantastic level of participation for the first year of the event. I am sure the numbers will have increased this year.

Emulsive is a friendly group of passionate and knowledgable Film Photographers that meet on Twitter, Facebook (@emulsivefilm) and the emulsive.org website to celebrate everything analog. Don’t know the difference between your 120’s and 4×5’s? Ever wondered what Lomo meant? Are you curious as to why do people shoot film anyway? This is the place to go and learn all about film photography.

The rules for the Emulsive Secret Santa are pretty simple:

  1. You sign up to take part.
  2. You sign up to Elfster, who host the Secret Santa Gift List.
  3. Send the recipient of your Secret Santa a gift worth a minimum of $10.
  4. Post the gift by the 9th of December at the latest, so that everyone has a chance to receive their gift before Christmas. You are meant to open the gift on Christmas Day, but, that did not happen last year. Everyone became to giddy when their gifts arrived!
  5. When you receive your gift, share it on the Twitter feed for @emulsivesanta.

This is the most important rule:

6. Have fun!

When you sign up to Elfster, you need to give them your contact details, which will not be released until the designated date. You also need to write a ‘Wish List’ of things that you would like. This list can be seen by whomever has your name, and it is very helpful for them to decide what to send you. The site also allows you to privately contact both the recipient of your gift and the person from whom you are receiving a gift. Another natty feature of the site is that you can let the group know that your gift has arrived.

The people behind Emulsive who organise this worldwide Secret Santa are incredibly helpful if you need some assistance.

If you wish to get in contact with Emulsive please check the following links:






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