Photography Projects 2017

Photography Projects are a great way to help improve your photography. Arguably, two of the most popular types of Project are the 365 Challenge and the less intensive 52 Challenge. In case you have not heard of these, they are two year long challenges that you attempt.

The 365 Challenge involves you taking one photo a day for an entire year, you then post them on a site of your choice. You are meant to take and post them on the same day, but, it is ok to post them on a different day. Normally, missing a day’s shot means that your challenge is over.

The 52 Challenge is similar to the 365 Project, accept that you only need to take one photo a week. Other than that the rules are the same.

I have attempted a 365 on three occasions now, on the first occasion, I was 20 days from completion when my computer crashed and I lost a number of images that I had not posted yet. D’oh! With this attempt, I was trying to think of subjects every day to take photos of, which can be difficult, especially when you are trying to fit the project around everything else in your life.

The second attempt was even less successful, as I gave up at around the half way mark, and the third attempt was the worst effort of all, as I only got to about 60 days before I gave up.

This year however, I am trying again, but, in an effort to keep myself engaged with the process, I am going to turn the 365 Project into seven 52 projects, so that hopefully there will be themes inside the project. You will also find two lists that come from Lightbox Photography Cards. I have another two packs of cards on order from Lightbox Photography Cards, so hopefully they will arrive soon and I can throw them into the mix.

In the list below you will find a mix of 365 Project lists and 52 Challenge lists, that you may be interested to try yourself. I shall be using some of the lists below in an effort to push myself and my photography.

  2. (This site has both a 365 and a 52 Challenge)

These are not the only options available, and you can of course come up with your own list. I know some photographers will pick a colour and only take photos of that, or, pick a place and focus on that. These projects are whatever you want them to be.

I will post my project photos here on a weekly basis, and if I fail, I will mention that too.

If you are trying a project like this, please let me know, as I would love to follow it.



2 Replies to “Photography Projects 2017”

  1. hi emily,I am going to do the 52 rolls project,,just I just post it or do I have to sign up?

    1. HI Andre, You sign up with the site and then you can post away to your hearts content. It’s a lot of fun, I look forward to seeing your work. 🙂 P.S Everyone there is lovely 🙂

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