Sleeklens – Landscape Workflow Review

Last week I received an email from a representative of the website, asking if I would be interested in reviewing one of their Landscape Photography Workflow Options, “which they would send me for free in exchange for a small review on my website”. I was told that “they just wanted me to make an honest review of it and mention where the product is available”. I was pleased to accept and here is that honest Review. Other than the emails between Sleeklens and myself in relation to this review, I have no affiliation with Sleeklens. For your information, I have left a link to at the bottom of this post. I use both Photoshop and Lightroom, thankfully, Sleeklens have workflows for both programmes. I choose to be given the Lightroom option, which is called ‘Through the Woods’. This was my first time using a Sleeklens Workflow. I have attached a variety of example images at the end of this post to show you what I achieved with these tools.

Downloading the product was a simple procedure as was installing the Brushes and Presets into Lightroom. There are helpful videos available, if you are unsure of the best way to go about getting the presets and brushes into Lightroom. After that it is a question of picking an image and deciding if you want to make global changes to that image, or more localised edits. If you want a global change, you can use the presets, and if you want a more local edit, you can use the brushes, you can of course use both tools together if you so wish. You may also use the presets as a starting point, and then change the sliders to your taste. It is also possible to stack the presets.

There are seven types of Presets included in this Workflow, each has between five and twelve options inside. The Presets flow in the order that you would expect to use them, so it starts with a ‘All in One’ option, for those times when you are not sure of what edits you may wish to make, it then moves through ‘Base’, ‘Exposure’, ‘Colour’, ‘Tone/Tint’, ‘Polish’ and finally for this section ‘Vignette’. There are five types of Brushes included in this Workflow, again, these are presented in a logical order, it starts with ‘Basic’, ‘Colour’, ‘Effects’, ‘Haze’ and it ends with ‘Light’. The Brushes have between three and ten options contained within each heading.

All the images on the left are the unedited images. The images on the right have been edited with the Sleeklens Workflow. I have listed the tools I used for each image under each photo for your information.

Presets: 0- All in one – Shine into the sun.

                 5- Polish – Sharpen
                 6- Vignette – Subtle white
Brushes: Effects – Cloudy sky definition
                  Effects – Brighten shadows
Presets: 0- All in one – Warm Shadows
                 2- Exposure – Less highlights
                 5-Polish – Sharpen
Brushes: I did not use any brushes in this image.

Presets: 0 – All in One – Calm
1- Base – Auto Tone
2- Exposure – Less Highlights
4 – Tone/Tint – Warm it up
5- Polish – Sharpen
6-Vignette – Subtle Black
I did not use any Brushes in this image

Presets: 0 – All in one – Dawn Rising
1- Base – Basic Film
2- Exposure – Lens Highlights
4- Tone/Tint – Desaturation
5- Polish – Sharpen
6- Vignette – Medium Black
I removed the steps from the bottom left hand corner and I used no brushes in          this image.

Presets: 0- All in one – Shine
1- Base- Cinematic
2- Exposure- Less Highlights
4- Tone/Tint – Warm up
5- Polish – Punch it up
6- Vinegette – Subtle Black

I was happy with the results I acheived and I will use this Workflow again in the future. It is very quick and intitutive to use. The results gained with this Workflow are quiet natural looking, which is a positive feature. I actually prefer some of the results I got with this workflow than I have with my own editing in the past.

Sleeklens state the following about their Landscape Workflow products:

“These workflows are results of many landscape photographers coming together and giving their input on what they want in a landscape workflow in Lightroom and Photoshop. As a result, A lot of them now prefer to do their editing almost exclusively with our workflows.”

If you want to buy this or any of the other Sleeklens products, please go to to find out more.

Thank you.

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