Lightbox Photography Cards – A Review

Lightbox Photography Cards are a Kickstarter project started by Paul Michael Kane, that I have been backing since the first pack of cards (Orange Edition).

The system is simple to use, each pack of cards has 52 cards enclosed, each card has a challenge printed on it, together with an example photo as well as the settings and equipment that were used for the example photo (except the Mobile Edition, which suggests Apps). There is a small amount of explanatory text on each card too. To decide on a challenge, you pick a card out of the pack and shoot that challenge, if you want to, you can flip the coin (pictured below) to decide if you want to convert the image into Mono or keep it in full colour.

These are fantastic educational products and are brilliant for those moments when you need inspiration as to what to shoot. They are well designed and thought out, and Paul Michael Kane is a lovely, friendly, and massively enthusiastic person to deal with. I would happily recommend these products to any photographer.

All the Packs and the Coin are sold separately. If you would like to look at the Lightbox Photography Cards, I have included the site address below.



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