Lensbaby Lily

I have been meaning to use my Lensbaby equipment for the longest time, but, I kept putting it off, I don’t know why. Last week however, I took out all my Lensbaby gear and took some photos of flowers that we have in the house at the moment. I love that the Lensbaby equipment makes me see and think differently about mu subject and how I am going to shoot it. The picture below was shot with the Lensbaby Scout housing the Macro Converters and the Single Glass Optic. It is always a fun and informative exercise to use the Lensbaby products. I will use this equipment more now, as the weather is improving, because I really want to master it.

I have a Facebook Page for Lensbaby, as you will see on the left hand side of this post. Feel free to join it, if you like Lensbaby.


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