Mystery Train Trip to Galway

On Saturday I joined a group of people from the Instagram JJ Community, on a mystery train journey, as part of the St. Patricks Festival. The worldwide JJ Community of around 625,000 members is lead by CEO Kevin Kuster and Founder Josh Johnson, who had come over from America for this event. More than 300 participants meet at Heuston Station in Dublin at 9am on Saturday morning for registration, then we boarded the train. When we arrived in Galway, members of the Galway Camera Club acted as our tour guides for the day. We were divided into at least eight groups. Richard, who was the Guide of the Group that I was a member of, was very helpful and friendly. We wandered around Galway on a very wet day and took a photos at a variety of locations. I used my phone, as I did not really want my proper camera to get wet. I also thought that using a phone was more in the spirit of an Instameet. Then we adjourned to the Ardilaun Hotel to have something to eat and to watch the Ireland .v. England Rugby Match, after this buses came to collect us and we were brought back to the train station, so that we could return to Dublin. It was a great day and I had a lot of fun. This was the first day of the JJ Community Mystery Train journeys. The following day Kevin and Josh lead another group on the train to Malahide. Apparently, the first ever mystery trip that the JJ Community organised was held in October 2016. I will sign up for any future mystery trips that are organised. The organisers and fellow participants were all very friendly and it was a great way to spend the day. A number of companies were involved to make sure that this free event happened, this includes, the JJ Community, Irish Rail, Select Ireland, as well as the Ardilaun Hotel.

Should you wish to look up some of the images that participants took, the list of hashtags used on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for this event includes the following:
#jjindublin, #jjinireland, #mysterytrain1, #mysterytrain2, #jjinstarail, #stpatricksjjinstrail, #movingstpatricksday, #irishrail, #stpatricksmysterytour

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