Hot Press Magazine Covers Exhibition

As I was early and waiting to meet some people last weekend, I decided to pop into the National Photographic Archive in Meeting House Square. The new exhibition is of the history of Hot Press Magazine Covers, going all the way back to the first issue in 1977 (Hot Press is an Irish Music Magazine, a bit like NME or Rolling Stone). In total, this June there will have been one thousand covers. I was talking to one of the guys that was involved in putting this exhibition together, he told me that it will be hanging for the next five and a half months and that some covers have yet to be added, as they are waiting to be returned from being signed by the featured artist. I only had a few moments to look at it, but, I will be back to experience it properly. If you are a music fan and happen to be in Dublin looking for something to do, a trip to this Exhibition and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame, which is around the corner from this Gallery, should be on your agenda. The larger picture below features the covers of artists that we have sadly lost over the years.


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