Saltee Islands

I visited the Saltee Islands in Wexford, which is a bird sanctuary 5km offshore, so that I could take photos of Puffins. I wanted to focus on Puffins during this trip. This is one of my favourite places in Ireland, I love how peaceful it is, and how close you can get to the birds. The photos below, also include a photo of a Razorbill, which are another bird that I like. The Saltees has an interesting history, involving hidden Rebels, Pirates, Smugglers, Hermits, and Monks. The Islands are in private ownership, ‘Prince’ Michael the second presently co-owns the Island with his brothers. ‘Prince’ Michael the first was a self appointed ‘Prince’, you can see their family home on the Island, as well as their throne. There were people living on the Islands as far back as 3,500 – 2,000 BC. The Island also has a breeding colony of Grey Seals. The name Saltee is believed to be a derivation of a Norse name, it is believed that the name comes from Salt Island, as in the Winter a salty spray covers the Island. The ferry trip from Kilmore Quay to the Island takes less than 30 minutes and is a fun activity in it’s own right. You take a ferry to a certain point and then due to the depth of the water on the shore of the Island, you need to take a Rib in the final short distance to shore. If you happen to be in the vicinity of Kilmore Quay during the Summer months, I would recommend a trip across to the Saltees.

The Saltee Islands

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