National Bird of Prey Centre

A visit to Russborough House in Wicklow is always enjoyable, this time, we chose to go to the National Bord of Prey Centre located there, and saw some of the over forty birds housed in the Centre. We got to see the end of one of the regular flight displays that the Centres Falconers demonstrate in the grounds of the House. Then we attended the incredibly informative Tour of the Centre and got to meet and hold some of the characters who live in the Falconry. On this occassion we got to a three year old Tawny Owl named Albert (bottom left), and we stroked a Little Owl named Gizmo (bottom right). The chap in the middle is six weeks old and we were not told what his/her name was. The National Bird of Prey Centre has been opened for just over a year now, and is worth visiting. Russborough House has something for everyone including, a Playground, Maze, Fairy Walk, House Tours, Walled Garden, Artisan Workshops, Cafe and a Shop.

If you are looking for something to do in Wicklow, I highly recommend a trip to Russborough House.


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