B&W Development

Following on from my post on Stand Development, I thought I would add my normal Black and White Film Development process. All the chemicals will be used at 20 Degrees C. The photos below were taken on HP5 120 on a Holga 120N.

A 5 minute prewash to bring the film up to temperature.

11 minutes in Rodinal at a 1:50 dilution. 50mls/1000mls
Agitate for the first 30 seconds, with 5 inversions every minute.

1:19 190 mls/1000mls of Ilfostop for 10 seconds

1:4 250mls/1000mls of Ilford Rapid Fixer for 2-5 minutes

5-10 Minutes in Kodak FotoFlo

5mls/1000mls for 5-10 minutes



Stand Development

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