IFI – 25th Anniversary

I had the pleasure of being a tiny part of the IFI’s 25th Anniversary Celebrations in 2017. President Michael D Higgins and his Wife Sabine were the Special Guests for the evening. Patrick Bergman the actor was also there, I did not realise who he was until he was pointed out to me, and I had already taken his photo with his two friends. It was a fun evening and I wish the IFI many more years of success, it is a wonderful asset for us to have.

Should you wish to book tickets for any of the events at the IFI please go to http://www.ifi.ie.

IFI – Lovers & the Despot Q&A
Cardboard Gangsters
IFI -Land of the Enlightened
IFI -Rocky Road to Dublin Q&A
IFI – Mattress Men Q&A
IFI – Childhood of a Leader Q&A
IFI – 66 Days of Bobby Sands
Mom & Me at the IFI
Where to Invade Next

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