Hasselblad Studio Experience Day

In order to mark the fact that Conns Cameras have become the new official retail partner for Hasselblad in Ireland, both parties hosted a studio experience event, so that people could try out the new cameras, including the X1D-50C. The man in charge of the day was incredibly helpful in explaining the perks of the cameras to attendees. I think the model has a resemblance to Angelina Jolie, she was incredibly lovely. The files from these 50 megapixel and 100-megapixel medium format cameras are HUGE. It took forever for the files to upload to Lightroom. It was great to be allowed access to these cameras, but, I think if I ever buy a Hasselblad, it will be a film version. The cameras I was using during this try out day were amazing and would be fantastic if you had a studio, as I cannot imagine myself carrying these cameras around all day, as they are quite heavy and bulky. I loved the touchscreen features, which I know are now standard on cameras, but, mine does not have that ability. Even though you can use an adaptor and not lose all automatic controls, I look forward to the cameras having more lens options available. The colour rendition was true to life and the detail, understandably, is amazing.

I have left links to Conn’s website and Facebook page below:

Hasselblad 2017-9997802

Sony Experience Day

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