C-41 Film Stand Development Process

This is the process I am going to use for developing my C-41 films using the stand development technique. I will post some scans of the photos I process this way. I have processed C-41 rolls at home before, using the regular system. Previously I have used the stand process for black and white films. There was a mix of films in the tank because the colour version of this process allows you to mix rolls of film with different ISO’s. The main ideas behind this technique is that you are adding time to the processing time in order to remove the temperature element. I used room temperature film for this and I let the films sit in the chemicals for 45 minutes. The principal behind stand development is that the lack of agitation will enable the chemicals sitting against the film will exhaust and that the film will develop over a longer period of time. Unlike black and white stand development, in the C-41 process, you use full strength chemical mixes as opposed to incredibly diluted chemicals.

Time: 53 Minutes in total

  1. Development: 45 minutes
    Agitate 2-3 times every 10 seconds for 30 seconds.
    Sit for 44.5 minutes
  2. Blix: 6 minutes
    Agitate for 10 seconds in every thirty seconds.

3. Bath: Process of your choice.
4. Stabiliser: 1-2 minutes
5. Photoflo: Optional


Stand Development (Black & White)

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