Portra Film Party!

The good people at EmulsiveFilm are celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the release of Kodak’s Portra Film, by throwing one of their incredibly popular film parties on Twitter, this party will be running across August, September and October, starting tomorrow. The account you may want to follow on Twitter is @PortraParty, as well as @emulsivefilm, the hashtags that will be used are #portraparty #believeinfilm and #shootfilmbenice. For this film party, you are allowed to use any version of Portra that Kodak has released in the last twenty years. Emulsive would like people to hashtag their images depending on which one of the categories they are entering their photos in to, the categories are: #landscape, #streetlife, #home, #macro/closeup, #abstract and finally #funkyaf. You can only use one hashtag per photo.

The way these parties work is that during shoot week, you shoot any format you like of Portra, then in Dev Week, you develop whatever film you shoot and finally, in Post week you post your images hashtagged as mentioned above. The Judges will feature the best shots taken on the Emulsive.org site, the shortlist will be open to the public vote.

The timetable for the next three months for the party is:

August 2018
Shoot week: 6th – 12th
Dev week: 13th – 19th
Post week: 20th – 26th

September 2018
Shoot week: 3rd – 9th
Dev week: 10th – 16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd

October 2018
Shoot week 1st – 7th
Dev week: 10th -16th
Post week: 17th – 23rd

For more information, please go to https://emulsive.org/articles/film-parties/portra-party/welcome-to-portraparty-2018-celebrating-20-years-of-kodak-portra-films.

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