Instax SQ10 Close up/Macro

This is an interesting development from Fujifilm, you can get close to macro shots with an Instax without the close up mode attachment that is supplied with other cameras in the range. Lomography have done this with their Instax cameras, so the idea is not new, but, this is the first time FujiFilm have made a decent job of it. They say that you can shot as close as 0.1M (10cm) to the subject, however, I found that you can get a bit closer than that, normally, Instax cameras allow you get up to 30cm away from the subject. The photos below of roses were taken when I was messing with this feature. I used the flash in the image that is top right,  a delayed flash was used in the photo that is top left, the two other rose photos used natural window light, as did the photo with the leaves and stalk. I had the camera pretty much right on top of the flowers as I took these images, and all though they may not be the sharpest images you will ever see, I think they turned out pretty well given that I was just messing and that they were taken with handheld Instax SQ10. The oddest thing I found with this collection of photos is the colour of the leaves, as to the eye they were very green, and they seem to have come out an odd bluey green purple colour. I like this feature and will use it again. If you like Instax and macro, this is the camera for you, this feature together with the larger square format than the Mini, makes this camera a nice option.


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