Polaroid Street Shots

A few weeks ago I took my One Step 2 out for a walk in town with a pack of black and white film as well as the remainder of a pack of colour film. I used flash suppression and did not use the lighten or darken options. Also, I did not cover the prints when they popped out of the camera, as I had heard that with the present version of the emulsion from Polaroid Originals 600, you don’t need to cover the images any more, as they just develop a little warmer in tone. This is an effect that I wanted, as my shots normally come out with a green/blue tint. These images have not processed in any way, this is how they appeared from the scanner. The Polaroid Originals emulsion is far better than it’s predecessor from Impossible Project, which was a product that I became thoroughly annoyed with. In the future, I shall compare the 600 and Itype emulsions as someone suggested to me that they prefer the results from the Itype film. I do know that there are still some small glitches in the chemical coverage of some of the black and white film, but, it is so slight that I pay little attention to it, as it is such a massive improvement on Impossible Project emulsions.

Impossible Project
Emulsion Lift
Diana Polaroid

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