Solarography Project

A couple of years ago, I made a series of pinhole cameras out of 35mm film canisters and stuck them to the inside of a window in my house for six months. This was the first time I had ever made a pinhole camera, which is surprisingly easy. I needed to cut photo paper to fit the inside of the canisters, which was the trickiest part of the process for me, showing how easy this entire project was. When you have finished with the exposure, you develop the paper as normal, you then need to invert the image when you are scanning it. The white arc you can see the image below is the track of the sun, above the tree line at the bottom of our garden. The vignetting in the top corners has been caused by the way the paper was sitting in the canister. I will post a separate blog on how to build a pinhole camera. I will try this project again, but, I will attach the cameras to another window, for a different view. You can see a blur in the image that is caused by the trees blowing around in the wind.


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