Panning is a great way of keeping the subject sharp and the background blurry when you are dealing with fast moving subjects. Below is a selection of photos that I have taken at various motorbike Track Days at Mondello Park in Kildare. Panning is a great technique to use as it can show how fast something is moving and isolates that something from a distracting background by blurring that background.

How to Pan:
1. Use Shutter Priority Mode
2. Set speed according to the speed of the subject, I used different speeds depending on where the bikes were on the track, for some of the shots below it was 1/80.
3. Set your camera’s autofocus to continuous mode, place focus on the subject.
4. When following the subject, rotate from your hips in order to keep the subject in frame.
5. Keep the shutter button half pressed as you pan, and when you get to a point in front of you, fully press down the shutter button. Then continue to follow the subject a little longer, as this makes your movement smoother.

This can be quiet tricky and takes patience and time to get right. You have no idea how many times I have got somewhat blurry images, rather than the ones I want.

Mondello Motorbike Track Day


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