Instax Wide Monochrome

This film has been available for a while and I have shot a couple of packs before, but, I don’t seem to be able to get the same results as other people, so I decided to try again. Yesterday, I brought it out with me and took some photos outside on a heavily overcast day with flat light, today I also brought it with me and tried to take some more outdoor photos, as well as some indoor photos. My indoor photos with this stock have been disappointing up until now. Fujifilm has this Monochrome film available in both Mini and Wide formats, I presume they will release a Square version in the future. The reason for my bad results may well be due to my ability with black and white film and not necessarily the fault of this film. I have not edited any of the photos below, other than cropping them after I scanned them. The green cast has appeared after scanning.

The photos above show the difference between using exposure over compensation (left) and the exposure setting that the camera chooses (right). I think in this situation the camera was right.

These photos are a variety of photos that I have taken over the last few days, I was testing the tones of this film. I like that you can see detail in the sky and the sheep’s fleece, as well as in the grasses and heathers. I think I should try again on a sunnier day.

Instax Wide B&W Tiff_0004

The silhouette turned out well with the cloudy sky, though I should have been closer to the ground to show more of the tree. Other people get far better results with this film then I do, so I need to try again.

Moving Part Packs of Instax Film

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