Coliemore Harbour

I seem to be messing with black and white instant film a lot recently. Today was no exception, there were two packs of Fujifilm FP3000B in my film fridge, their use before date was May 2015, so they were not dreadfully expired. These photos are the result of the second last pack. This film and I have never really gotten on, other people get great results from it and love it, but, I prefer the colour version. I think the black streaks are because the film is expired, I am not sure what the white stripe in the second image is. The third image is an accidental double exposure, I think I will try to use double exposure on this film in the future in a creative way. These photos were taken on my Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera. I did not edit these photos in any way after I scanned them.


15 Minute Challenge – Coliemore Harbour

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