C-41 Stand Development Results

Well, even though this process is simple, my first attempt was a disaster, as I had forgotten to add the third chemical to the developer mix and I sadly lost three rolls of film. Oh well, I will try again. I have caught up with my colour development, all of which I did over two days using this process. It was remarkably easy and I got decent results with it. With the first batch, I had some bromide drag on some of the images, on the second run, I gave the film a couple of twirls in the tank and that seemed to remedy the problem. You can see the Bromide drag very clearly on the image below. These two photos were taken on Portra 400 with a Canon 3000V. There seems to be a colour cast on the shot of the city and a yellow tint in the top right corner in the clouds. The purpose of the photo of a field is a mystery to me.

The two shots below were taken on Vista Plus.

Vista Random 2018 Jpeg_0003 vista-random-2018-jpeg.jpg

I like the lack of grain that results from stand development, even though grain looks good in some photos and in some situations. I like the colour rendition of the flowers in the photo of the bicycle. I think the two lower photos were taken with a Canon AE-1 Programme. I think I will post about these films in separate posts. I might edit these in Lightroom to see what results I get.

C-41 Film Stand Development Process

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