This challenge was started by @silentcar on Twitter, I am sharing it here, in case people want to join in. I hope to take part this time around, as I found a camera that fits the criteria just before the last challenge, but, never got around to using it. This challenge runs for the entire of October. The camera I will be using is a Hanimex Micro 110mm camera that I found in a Christmas Cracker a few years ago (pictured below). I will also be using some expired Lomo 110mm film with it.

Please check the hashtag to see the images people created previously for this challenge.


  1. Get a shitty camera (the roll of film costs more than the camera) If unsure, please tweet @shittychallenge to check.
  2. Shoot a roll in October, process and share whenever suits you in October, please use #shittycamerachallenge and @shittychallenge to share them.
  3. At the end of October, a winner will be chosen and you could win a used copy of the B52’s Greatest Hits on CD and a HC 2000 focus free camera.


Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 20.36.29

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