Around the Aviva

Twice a year in our camera club, Offshoot, we have showcases of peoples work, this work is from the Shoot With Me outings that we run. Last Spring, I was in a group that focused on architecture around the Aviva Stadium in Dublin. Normally there are about twelve groups who focus on a particular subject, the leader picks the subject, and lets the SWM organiser know, so that she can compile a list which she then sends to members and members of the club get to pick their top three outings from that list, they are filled on a first come first serve basis, and most groups have a limited number of spaces for people to fill. Then on an arranged night, everybody brings their printed and mounted photos to the club, where we get to introduce the project and the images to the rest of the club, everyone gets to explain their image and it is always a very successful evening. The photos below are some of the shots I got on our outing.

Macro Photo Stacking

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