Bulloch Harbour

These photos are the result of my last pack of FP3000B film from FujiFilm. I shot one of my favourite places, Bulloch (Bullock) Harbour in Dalkey, where I go when I am testing a film or cameras. I have been trying to document this harbour and Coliemore harbour for the last few years, as I want to record the life of these locations. It may not look like it, but, I did use exposure compensation in these photos, and yet they are still dark. I think the black streaks are because the film is expired, I am not sure what the white stripe in the bottom image is, as it does not appear in all the images. I will go back to this location using the FP100C, which is my favoured film for this camera. These photos were taken on my Polaroid Automatic 104 Land Camera. I did not edit these photos in any way after I scanned them.

Coliemore Harbour

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