How To Make a Pinhole Camera

Building a pinhole camera is a quick and easy project to complete, I will cover the more traditional methods as well as including links to instructions and camera models that you can 3d print. It is best to use pinholes in bright conditions, though you can use it in more overcast conditions, it just takes longer.

The materials you will need:
1. a light tight box/canister for the camera body
2. a pin
3. a thin piece of metal from a fizzy drink can
4. craft knife
5. tape
6. photo paper
7. sandpaper

1. Cut out a small piece of the can.
2. Poke a small hole in the centre of the small piece of metal.
3. Sand the metal smooth.
4. Check the box/canister for light leaks, it won’t work properly if the box allows light in.
5. Cut a small hole in the front, centre of the box.
6. Tape the pinhole behind the hole you have cut into the box.
7. Make a little shutter out of tape for the front of the box, so that you can control the amount of light that gets into the box.
8. Load the paper in complete darkness, or the process will not work, directly across from the hole you cut in the box.
9. Take a photo.
10. Develop as normal.

3D Printed Cameras

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