Instax Wide 210/300 User Guide

This camera uses Instax Wide film as well as 4 AA batteries there is no tripod mount, nor does it come with a free pack of film, so don’t forget to buy some. You can save money if you bulk buy from either Amazon. The first time I tried to load an Instax, I messed up, it then became obvious that to load cartridge so that the yellow spot on the camera and the one on the film pack should match up. If you have never shot Instax or film before, you may not realise that you need to eject the dark slide before you start taking photos, the function of the darkslide is to protect the film from light. Another problem that you may incur, is, if you have used the camera, but not finished the roll, and don’t know if there is any film left in the camera, however, if there is yellow showing in the tiny window, it means that there is a film in the camera, along with this the counter tells you how many shots you have left to use. You need to keep paralax effect in mind when using this camera, so use the circle in the centre of the viewfinder to help compose your image and Give your subject extra space at the minimum distance so that you get everything you want in the frame. The minimum focusing distance for this camera is 0.9m to get sharp photos unless you are using the close up attachment lens means you shoot at 40cm (just above elbow length – 4 fingers under elbow away) rather than 0.9m. Make sure that the Close up attachment clicks into place, and that the arm is in the centre of your viewfinder, as the arm will help you compose your images, and if the circle is in the wrong the place your photo will not work. You need to place the circle on the arm over the subject you want to shoot and they will be in the centre of the frame. Also, make sure that you are set to 0.9-3 metre setting to use the close up attachment, otherwise it does not work properly. If trying to take a selfie, use the close up attachment, otherwise your arm is going to have to stretch quiet far to get a sharp shot. Put the close up attachment on the camera when the camera is off. Lighten and Darken Modes (L and D), will allow you control exposure a bit more by increasing or decreasing the exposure, which gives you some flexibility in relation to exposure. Two focusing distances: 0.9m – 3 meters or 3 meters – infinity. You press the button on the side of the camera. If you choose the wrong one the photo will not be sharp. The Flash will fire automatically if you press the button (good for fill flash), it has a range of 2.7 meters if anything is further away than that the flash will not light them. When the little red light on the back is solid you can shoot if it is flashing, the flash is recharging and you need to wait as the camera will not work. The flash light is not flattering if shooting people, outdoor or window light is better to use. The photo develops in 90 seconds or so, depending on the air temperature. Do not shake the photo, hold the images by the edges or bottom, do not touch the chemicals. You can keep the film in the fridge, but let it come back to room temperature before you use it. Don’t put it anyway very hot. The images produced by this camera are the biggest photos that any Instax camera creates, which means that you have a bit more flexibility with them, as you can take in a wider scene.

Instax Wide Monochrome


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