What is Pinhole Photography

Due to the time needed to take a pinhole photo as well as the fact that Pinhole photography is lensless photography and uses a small pinhole sized hole instead of a lens to help you focus the light, the images are softer and more blurry, however, everything is in focus from close up to the back of the image. The light that enters the camera forms an upside down image on either the film or the paper in the camera. This technology is incredibly old and has helped artists over the years to try and create more accurate images, including Caravaggio and Da Vinci amongst others. You can make a camera obscura easily at home, by closing the curtains in a room, leaving a tiny gap, whatever is outside will be reflected upside down on the wall opposite the window, I have posted about this before, see link below.

I have included links below to my two favourite pinhole photographers, as well as other posts of mine in relation to pinhole photography

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