Instax SP-3 Review

All the FujiFilm Instax printers work the same way, as they use the same App, and you can have more than one printer registered to one App, the app saves the information for multiple printers and asks you which one you are printing from. Anyone who has access to the app can use the one printer. The only difference is that on printer uses Instax mini (SP-2) and the other Instax square film (SP-3). I presume that in the future FujiFilm is planning to launch a Wide version of these printers. The printers are Wifi enabled and can be used by any mobile device that you can download the App onto and directly from some FujiFilm cameras. Both printers use rechargeable batteries,  which are charged by a micro USB cable, this is a massive improvement on the SP-1, which needed to be plugged into the mains thereby removing some of the functionality of the device. The battery life is meant to enable you to print 100 images before it needs recharging, and I cannot contradict this estimation. The SP-2 is faster and has better colour rendition than the SP-1, I cannot really see much difference in quality between the SP-2 and the SP-3. The SP-3 seems to be a little quicker than the SP-2 when it comes to processing the images. When loading film make sure that the yellow spot on the cartridge matches up with the yellow dot on the printer. To turn the printer on and off, hit the bottom part of the on button. When you first turn on the printer, if it contains a new pack of film, the dark slide will pop out first automatically.

One reason people may like these devices is that they give the Instax look without the need for an Instax camera, cutting down on learning time and giving users a more accurate composition, should they not like the inaccurate nature of using Instax cameras. This together with the fact that there is a reprint button on the side of the printer allowing you to make multiple copies of a photo for sharing, means that it is a surprisingly useful gadget. In my view the prints they produce are nice. On occasion the photos can come out a little bright, but, you can adjust the exposure in the app or you can apply the intelligence filter, which is very helpful, as it applies what it thinks are the best settings for the photo.

The Instax Share App allows you to edit photos before you print them and it keeps a gallery of photos so that you know what you have printed in the past. If you check your camera roll, you will note that there is a tick on the photos that you have printed. The App easily connects to your device and is one of the most stable apps that I have on either my phone or my Ipad. When you are first setting up the printer you need to pair the printer and the phone, this is a quick job. Both the printer and the app lets you know how much battery life you have left, they also both let you know how many prints you have left, the app does this by showing the number of photos left in the pack, the printer by indicating The lights on the top.

The App has a lot of features that allow you to add data or text to your images, this include showing real time template, weather, location, date, collages etc. There are templates for text. You can print from social networks, as well as printing images you have found from searching Instagram hashtags.


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