Ilford Pan F Plus 50

The first time I used this film stock was over the Summer, it was a glorious day, so I decided to visit one of my favourite places for testing cameras and films at the coast, as it is not far from where I live. The film was shot in a Canon 3000V camera. Subsequently, the roll was left in my darkroom awaiting development, when it was FINALLY developed, I choose to use a stand development process that I had used before as I liked the results. The negatives were impressive on first inspection (not the images), the film stays flat and had only a minimal curl at the bottom of the roll as it was hung up drying.  I might try to push this stock to see how it behaves. The photos attached are a sample of the results. I am happy with how this film performed for me, I like the tones that it achieved on a bright summers day. The rope in photo four was white, yet the film retained the details of the rope. The results have been a pleasant surprise for me.


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