Jollylook Camera

I received my Jollylook camera a few weeks ago, which was a project that I was enthusiastic about, however, the Jollylook camera project has been a complete saga from start to finish. When I saw this project on Kickstarter I was really excited about it, it was a fun, quirky project, which is the kind of project that I like. The camera is made from cardboard and uses Instax Mini as well as having the ability to do pinhole photography, which is another thing I enjoy. In my opinion, part of the problem that the creators suffered from, was that the project was oversubscribed and just far too successful, which created its own problems. The project was 100% funded within 11 hours of being launched, it was then 227% funded in 24 hours, by the end of the launch process, the project was 2500% funded having raised $377,429 rather than the $15,000. The Project was launched on January 31st 2017 but it took until June of this year for me to get the camera. However, having checked the Kickstarter page for this project, I see that the company has now moved manufactures from China to the Ukraine, sadly it appears that the problems carry on. One of the main problems the Jollylook team have had to deal with is poor manufacturing standards, they seem to have been blighted with errors, bad work, and countless more issues. I finally emailed the company today to tell them about my dissatisfaction with the product, I don’t expect any reply from Jollylook, but, it seemed reasonable to let them know, it is a pity that this project has hit so many issues for both the team behind it and the backers. A lot of backers who received faulty units have gone on to reuse the parts for other projects, so, even though they did not receive the product they could use for its original purpose, they have made good use of the camera, mine will stay in its box until some time in the future when I try again to get it to work.

I contacted Jollylook attaching a video of the faults my camera has and they have kindly promised me a replacement. Their reply was prompt and friendly. Thank you Jollylook for turning an annoyance to a positive.

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