Podge Kelly Workshop

Epson sponsored a Workshop hosted by Podge Kelly on Saturday in the Royal Marine Hotel, Dun Laoghaire. This was the first of a series of Workshops that are going to be hosted by Podge with the support of Epson. Other sponsors for the event were http://www.Nicelight.eu and www.sheldonphoto.com. I was part of a group of Offshoot Photography Society members who attended the day. Podge taught us lighting, processing and printing techniques, it was a lot of information to cover in one day, as you could easily spend a number of days on each topic. It was a very informative day with Podge and Sheldon both being very patient answering the participant’s queries. An interesting element of the day was to watch how Podge works and to see how he thinks.

Sheldon spoke to us about the Epson printers and papers, as well as a variety of other papers and reinforced the point Podge made about how important your paper choice is for your image. Nicelight lent Podge a variety of lighting solutions for the workshop, including the light wands that you see the photo below.

I have included links below to all the people, groups, and businesses involved in the event.

Thank you, Podge, Sheldon, Epson, NiceLight, The Royal Marine and Matthew from Offshoot for organising such an informative event.


Light & Motion Workshop
Explore Light Workshop
Toadstools with Bill Power
Darkroom.ie – Cyanotype Workshop
The Darkroom’s Test Strips Courses
Astro Photography
Explore Light Workshop – Feb 2014

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