Autumn SWM 2018

The second Shoot With Me Project in the camera club held it’s showcase in Autumn of 2018. I was part of the Lightpainting group, we went to various locations on diverse dates with a string of LED lights and a bag of wire wool, to try and catch some fun photos. I have attached three of my attempts below. There is zero post processing involved in these photos, as you can clearly see. I think my favourite may be the bottom one. We stuffed a metal whisk, with wire wool, which was attached to a dog lead, but not to tightly as you can stop it burning properly. Then we touched a battery off the wire wool and spun it over our heads or in front of us so that we could get the arc of sparks. We used a ten second exposure to make sure that we got all the sparks. We had a lot of fun using this technique, and there are many more photos from the shoots.

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